Who we are

We are a pro information and pro choice group of parents and healthcare professionals supporting and facilitating factual discussions on vaccination. We talk about our personal experience of making the vaccination decision as well as what the outcome of that decision has been. 

What we stand for

Our aim is to provide parents and those who are considering vaccination, with broader and fuller information on vaccination.

The issue of vaccination can be an emotive one, with people on both sides of the argument convinced that they are doing the right thing for their babies' future health.
We think that one of mains ways to get clarity and confidence in your decision is to have full access to relevant information.

Irish parents are given a limited amount of information on vaccines. For example, few parents know that for every vaccine that a parent is asked to give their baby, there is a corresponding Patient Information Leaflet (PIL).
These leaflets are produced by the manufacturers of the vaccine and their purpose is to inform parents of important aspects of the vaccine. Specific information on side effects is provided as well as other warnings and limitations of the use of the vaccine.

We share and research information so that fuller information is available for parents.

We are aware that a growing number of scientific and medical professionals say that vaccinations are not effective in disease prevention and that they have more risks than benefits. We think that parents should be aware of criticisms of vaccination so that you can make a more informed decision.
See also www.vaccinationcouncil.org for further information.

Day to day business for us

Irish Vaccination Awareness (IVA) was set up in 2014 to support Irish parents looking for fuller information on vaccines. Our Facebook page and members group have attracted a lot of interest and with at least 30 new member requests weekly. A typical day in the group involves questions being asked by those new to making a vaccine decision as well as in-depth discussions on more science based theories like the implication of aluminium being injected into an immature immune system.

In addition to running a busy Facebook page, we communicate with the HSE on vaccination policies and compile information leaflets for public awareness. To date we have organised several conferences on vaccination and health, and are planning more conferences going forward. You can check for our next public event in the events section of this website.

We encourage you to do your own research as a vaccine decision has long-term consequences


We are not in a position to advise you on medical matters, and while members may share their experience and opinions on vaccinations and health matters, it is entirely up to each individual to make their own informed decision on vaccinations.